About boda


Qingdao broad casting Machinery Co., Ltd. (formerly Tianshui Foundry Machinery Co., Ltd.) is located in the beautiful coastal city of Qingdao City, the West Coast District. Founded in 1980, the registered capital of 10 million yuan a whole. In 2006, the company established and incorporated in Tianshui Qingdao broad casting Machinery Co., Ltd. After years of management, broad caster gradually develop into a set of scientific research - production - operations in one industry specialization entities.

Engaged in casting machinery thirty years time. The company has formed a national casting machinery outfit engineering center. Have a professional engineering and technical team, advanced processing equipment, perfect testing means. User and market demand, combined with advanced technology, well-known universities and institutes (SEM large and Jinan Casting Institute) in cooperation with independent research and development and production of tracks, rollers, hooks, trolleys, turntable, hanging chain, roller through, cleaning machine, resin sand regeneration lines, water glass sand regeneration lines, clay sand reclamation line, ladle, molding equipment, sand and other 13 major series, more than 80 varieties and specifications of efficient blast cleaning sand processing equipment and production lines, and many times to obtain the relevant patent. To provide users with reliable quality, advanced technology, superior performance products and comprehensive after-sales service to do a full guarantee. Related products not only sell well in domestic market, but also exported to Southeast Asia and Europe and other countries and regions

All employees breadth of the company to "unity, hard work, pragmatic and innovative" for the purpose, adhere to the "credibility first, service first" approach to business, first-class R & D, first-class technology, first-class products, first-class marketing platform with domestic external users sincere cooperation, join hands in creating a better future.


Foundry Machinery Research Institute Co., Ltd. set more than 20 design, process, electrical and computer technicians. Among them:

Mechanical technician for computer-aided design (CAD), mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic technologies have expertise;

Technology staff for wear parts casting, machining center programming and technology planning, etc. have a good grasp;

Electrical technician selection of electrical components, electrical design, programmable logic controller (PLC, including OMRON, Mitsubishi and Siemens and other brands) communications between the programming and PLC converter, temperature, the number of A / D conversion technology can competent;

Computer technicians can independently complete PC monitoring software development (C language programming), and various brands of touch screen applications.

Specific practice

Company technical staff well-known universities and institutes (large hill work and Jinan Casting Institute) in cooperation with the completion of "computer-aided design blasting machine" software, developed blasting dynamic simulation software and simulation software for three-dimensional projectile (which effectively guaranteed projectile effects, improved utilization and overall quality of the projectile). We each have a non-standard products, have carried out a projectile principle and machine optimization.

In the development of profiles, and other large components to clean up non-standard equipment has mature experience.

Meanwhile, computer monitoring, technical personnel independently completed pretreatment line dynamic simulation software and a variety of touch-screen monitor program.

Production capacity

The company has a wide range of machining equipment more than 180 sets of production; with CNC machining centers for machining of precision parts shot blasting to ensure that their dynamic balance and static balance; has developed the blasting equipment, to ensure that all of the sheet weldments have been shot blasting and strengthening; has excellent casting, sheet metal welding, machining and installation team of skilled workers.

Particularly worth mentioning is that, in addition to motor, reducer, bearings, electric hoist and other standard pieces of standard parts, other parts, including sheet metal welding parts, machining parts, wear special pieces of iron, etc., are done in our company, easy to control manufacturing quality; while in the service areas, there is no triangle and passing phenomenon that can quickly solve quality problems. At the same time, it put an end to profit outsourcing units, reducing the overall cost, allowing users to benefit directly.

New materials, new technology

We have always committed to the use of new materials, new technology to improve the quality of our cleaning equipment:

After most of the various steel sections or components were composed of shot blasting equipment maintenance spray primer.

Key components (shot blasting, etc.) factory load test.

Electrical components used in all domestic high-quality products, PLC used in Japan OMRON, Mitsubishi or Siemens products. Automatic control technology to ensure the domestic industry with the advanced level.