Cleaning Machine

Q485 catenary through shot blasting machine

Q485 catenary through shot blasting machine
First. Overview of functions 

Desanding QL485 Abrator for castings, forgings and other parts, rust cleaning, cleaning up after the workpiece assurance sand clean, no rust, scale, etc., so that the surface of metallic luster, and expose the casting surface defects, eliminating artifacts stress, surface roughness requirements GB6060.5 provisions, rust degree in line with national JB / T8355-96 Sa2.5 level.

To ensure the strict requirements of the clean-up of the workpiece, we use the following key technologies and assurance measures in the program and the design of the machine:

• Shot blast cleaning room and the layout have been determined after the three-dimensional dynamic simulation projectile, multi-angle, full cast work pieces, so that the projectile uniform coverage.

• Swiss + GF + efficient technical cantilever centrifugal blast wheel impeller body by machining centers, high chrome cast wear parts to ensure the functioning of balance, reliability and long life. Can significantly improve the cleaning efficiency, clean satisfactory quality.

• Depending on the different varieties and sizes to clean the workpiece, continuous and step two ways of working to meet the requirements of different parts to clean.

• electrical system adopts PLC control, manual and automatic combined.

Second, the work process 

The cleaning machine is stepping three-position shot blasting machine. The specific process is as follows:

Parts installed Abrator → → → closed door step → → → unload parts blast cleaning equipment parts →

Workpiece into the shot blasting chamber in the three hanging lifting spreader, when entering shot blasting zone, catenary automatically stops, while the door is closed, three-piece hanging in their stations on the rotation of the drive rotation institutions, while Blasting efficient workpiece shot blasting, cleaning is completed, the controller stops the projectile for the pills, the door opened, the workpiece in the driving under suspension chain conveyor system is transported out of shot blasting chamber, while three have not been linked to the workpiece to be cleaned transported into the shot blasting chamber, repeat the above process, the workpiece efficient blast cleaning.

Third, the technical specifications
No. Project Index
1 Processing a workpiece Cleanup workpiece size (diameter * height):φ1000*1500mm
2 Room Size (L × W × H) 4600×2000×3200mm
3 Blasting Model:QO34
Quantity: 6 
Shot volume: 6 * 250kg / min 
Power: 6 * 15kW 
Use bullet: F0.5 ~ 1.2 (chromium molybdenum steel grit or steel cut wire shot)
4 Projectile first amount -3Ton
5 Bucket elevator Lifting capacity:90T/h
Power: 7.5KW
6 Splitter The amount of separation:90t/h
Isolated area speed: 4-5m / s 
Power: 5.5kW
7 Screw conveyor Delivery capacity:90 T/h
Power: 5.5 KW
8 Single hook hoists ≤500 kg
9 Catenary conveyor Chain speed:10.4 m/min 
Power: 4KW
10 Dust collector Main fan power:37KW
The total air volume: 35000 m3 / h 
Pressure: 2637-2004Pa
11 Total power About 156KW

four, equipment composition and structural characteristics of 

QL485 type shot blasting machine is mainly composed of parts of shot blasting rooms, blasting assembly, pellets circulation purification system, hanging chain conveyors, dust removal system and control system components

4.1 shot blasting chamber assembly 

Shot blasting cleaning chamber sidewall design assembly, each furnished both shot blasting to clean the workpiece side, end, multi-direction throw hit piece, as far as possible to be linked to a comprehensive clean-up every piece shot blasting. Chamber body projectile hot zone selection of high wear-resistant steel Mn13 fender protection, other areas of the selection manganese steel protection.

Shot through the arrangement of three-dimensional computer simulation of dynamic, all arranged angle position determination by computer design. In the care of all the work required to clean up on the basis of minimizing the projectile throwing empty, thus maximizing the utilization of the projectile, reduces the need for clean-indoor fenders wear.

4.2 Shot assembly 
Shot by shot blasting assembly, motor and other components. 

4.3Pellets circulation purification system

Pellets circulation purification system can be divided into separate circulation systems and pellets purification system, by the screw conveyor, slip pill tube, bucket elevator, pill sand separator, gas control valve for the pill, lose pill pipe and other components.

4.4 catenary conveyor 
4.5 dedusting system 
Dedusting system includes a connection pipe between the filter, fan and blower pipes, dust, etc. with the host. 
4.6 control system 
The control system consists of two parts air control system and electrical system. 
Five, process and works 
The process equipment as follows: 
Blast cleaning equipment parts → → unload parts 
In operation, the preparatory work (ESP, projectile circulatory system running, shot blasting open) after completion of normal production machines. In this case, the workpiece lifting hook into the blasting chamber, the valve is opened for the pill, begin cleanup. Meanwhile, the operator handling the work unloading station on. And so after a given time to reach for the pill valve closed, blasting is always open, this clean-up process is completed. Repeat the action to clean up other artifacts.